Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments performed around the world is Anti-Wrinkle Injections, more commonly known as Botox, for its amazing results.

How does it work?

Botulinum Toxin (BTX) temporarily relaxes the muscle by blocking nerve impulses, which stops contraction of muscles, thus prevents dynamic wrinkles from forming.

BTX gives the overlaying facial skin a smoother, softer and more youthful appearance, which is why it is the clinics most POPULAR treatment.

What areas does it treat?

The most common areas are the forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet.

It can also be used for bunny lines, smokers lines, brow lift, gummy smile, pebble chin, teeth grinding and facial slimming (see photo above).

Who can give BTX?

Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists and Dentists with specialist training.

It needs to be a medical professional to allow them to deal with any serious complications for instance an allergic reaction.

Are There Any Side Effects/Potential Complications?

More common, however, temporary side effects include slight bleeding, bruising, redness, tenderness over injection site and headaches.

Occasionally the treatment can relax nearby muscle groups which could cause temporary dropping of eyebrows, eyelids or mouth. This is temporary but may last a few weeks.

Rarely an individual will not get any effect and seem to be immune to treatment.

Very rare complications would be allergic reaction.

Speak to your aesthetician for more information, and real time risks.

Does It Work Immediately?

The effects of the BTX usually start to work around day 5-7, sometimes taking 14 days to take full effect.

What Results Can I Expect?

If started early before wrinkles set in (static wrinkles) BTX will help to prevent wrinkles from forming.

If wrinkles already static it will help to smooth the lines and prevent then becoming deeper.

Who can give BTX?

The effect usually lasts around 3 months, often longer with repeated treatments.

What Happens After The Treatment?

It is advisable to stay upright for 2-4 hours after treatment. Do not touch the area for at least 6 hours, this can displace the product.

Avoid makeup for at least 6 hours. Avoid alcohol for 24 hours after treatment as well as before.

Avoid exercise, hot showers as this can increase the blood flow and dilute the effect. Avoid extreme temperatures, saunas and facial treatments for 2 weeks.

You will be offered a follow up appointment for review and possible top up at no extra cost after 2 weeks.

one Area


Two Areas


Three Areas


For any additional areas on top of 3 areas there will be an additional £40 charge.

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