Basically it is Man Botox. This has been growing in trend exponentially over the last decade.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reported a 403% rise in BTX procedures for men from 2000.
BTX remains the number one non surgical treatment for men.

Is Anti-Wrinkle Treatment the same for men and women?

The Botox itself is the same but the difference is the administration of the injections.

The practitioner will give generally give larger doses to men than women, and the distribution will be different.

In a women it is important to protect the natural arch of the brow. In men the brow is much flatter.

It is very important for the practitioner to understand the differences in male and female facial anatomy, to ensure that the male is not being feminised when that is not their desired effect.

What Anti-Wrinkle treatments are used for men?

Men tend to treat the frown lines, forehead lines and the crow’s feet that appear around the eyes.

This does not make men look feminine, and you will still have some movement giving a natural fresh look to the face.

Another excellent use for BTX is excessive sweating.

one Area


Two Areas


Three Areas


For any additional areas on top of 3 areas there will be an additional £50 charge.

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