Intravenous Vitamin Infusion

Intravenous infusion can provide many benefits.

Our absorption of vitamins and minerals through our food and even oral supplementation is only approximately 30%.

Intravenous infusion allow approximately 100% of nutrients to be absorbed at a cellular level and made ready for the body to make immediate use of.

What is an Intravenous Vitamin Infusion?

An IV infusion or 'drip' refers to having fluid or medicine delivered straight into your veins rather than having to swallow it.

At Refine Aesthetics, we offer IV infusion to deliver vitamins, minerals and amino acids essential for health, wellness, healing and so much more.

Why have an Intravenous Vitamin Infusion?

Many of us are malnourished without knowing mainly due to our fast-paced lives, poor diets and lifestyle choices. This can make us feel sluggish and tired.

Boosting vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids can help increase your immune system, make you feel energised, improve mood and improve overall wellness.

What does it feel like?

Putting a needle into a vein may cause temporary discomfort whilst entering the skin but should not cause pain thereafter whilst the infusion is running.

Numbing cream can be applied prior to treatment on request.

Am I able to have an IV drip?

Intravita vitamin infusions are free from the following:
- Preservatives
- Gluten
- Sugar
- Heavy Metal
- Vegan Friendly

Examples of our Drips

Modified Myers Plus
- The longest running of all the drips
- An excellent all rounder to leave you feel at your best.

Immune Booster
- A go-to pick me up when feeling under the weather or in need of an immunity boost
- Packed full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support your immune system and energy levels

Fat Burner Plus
- Produced to boost metabolism, provide energy and support wellbeing
- In association with a healthy lifestyle this drip can speed up your weight loss.

There are more drips on offer and your nurse practitioner will discuss what would be advisable during your consultation. Feel free to get in contact for more information.

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