Allergan Training in London

I’m very excited to share that I will be heading to London to train with Allergan and hear from some world-leading aestheticians!

For those who’ve not heard of Allergan before, they are trailblazers in the cosmetic industry and were the brains behind Botox, a now household name in anti-wrinkle treatments.

In addition, Allergen is the parent of Juvederm, a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler used to smooth lines and plump lips and cheeks.

Apart from the training, I will also have the opportunity to listen to some of the world-leading aestheticians, including Dr Tapan Patel. With his deep understanding of facial aesthetics and knack for designing treatments, I am excited to gain further insight and learn from the very best.

I’ll be heading down on the 22nd of May and will make sure to keep you updated on the event so make sure to keep an eye on this space.

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