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As an aesthetic practitioner, I felt it was important to be able to advise my patients on how to care for their skin.

It seems counterproductive to spend a lot of money on injectables if not looking after the skin in between treatments.

I thought long and hard before choosing the correct skincare range for me and my patients.

I wanted a medical-grade product that was affordable for most. I also wanted a brand that would take time to educate me to enable me to give the best advice to you.

Noon Aesthetics offers online training, one-to-one in-clinic training, regular teaching seminars, and a representative that is always on hand to speak to.

This is hugely important to me to be able to diagnose your skin type, which will then enable me to prescribe a treatment regime/products that will be beneficial to you as an individual.

Have you ever been in one of the high street stores and thought, I have no idea what I need and where to start?

There are so many products out there claiming to have excellent results, it’s a minefield!

With Noon I am able to carry out an assessment and diagnose skin type and Fitzpatrick classification in order to produce a skincare protocol.

Noon products are pharmaceuticals which by definition is a substance also called a medicine or medication that when administered to a living organism, produces a biological effect to TREAT, CURE, PREVENT, or to PROMOTE WELL-BEING.

Over-the-counter‘ products are known as cosmeceutical, which means they are not classified as medicines.

This term has no meaning under the law and therefore there are no requirements to prove that the products live up to their claims.

Noon also has a special weapon in their armoury, known as DermShield which is a patented technology that belongs to Noon Aesthetics.

DermShield enables the formulation of active ingredients at breakthrough high concentration levels without skin irritation/side effects.

Noon does not sell its products online or in shops in order for trained individuals to assess and advise.

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to offer this service to my patients.

Please message me for a free skin assessment and advice on skincare, even if you are not interested in injectable therapies such as Botox and dermal fillers.

More exciting news is Noon skin peels will be available SOON.

Peels will have DermShield technology which means a higher concentration of active ingredients without the usual skin irritation.


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