Training for Skin Regeneration Injection

So I have been doing more training and I am so excited to tell you about a new product I am going to be offering soon.

This is a treatment for the under-eye area which is a source of frustration for many people.

The treatment is not a filler but is sometimes called a polynucleotide.

Polynucleotides activate fibroblasts which stimulates collagen production and acts to mature fibroblasts in myofibroblasts which, in layman’s terms, means this causes skin regeneration:

  • Cleanses the cells by increasing circulation and removing free radicals
  • Deep moisturising effect
  • Firming

This is used to reduce eye bags, shallow fine wrinkles under the eyes that botox can not reach and reduce dark circles.

Treatment must be repeated once every 15 – 30 days for 1 – 3 consecutive sessions.

Watch this space as I will be looking for models to undergo the treatment at a very reduced price!

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